Fight cancer with cauliflower?

One of the components in cauliflower, specifically sulforaphane, has been identified as being effective in the fight against cancer, as this sulfur compound can help to slow the growth of cancerous tumors (1). One study evaluated the effectiveness of a combination of cauliflower and curcumin, which is found in turmeric (2). This combination of active components was found to not only reduce the growth of cancer development, but may also be effective at preventing the development of cancer in the first place (2).

Cauliflower Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Cauliflower Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes [Recipe]

Cauliflower for cognition

Another beneficial component found naturally in cauliflower is choline, which, according to neuroscience, plays an important role in brain development, including an increase in the cognitive functions such as learning and memory tasks (3). Choline has also been linked to a reduction in cognitive decline among individuals who develop dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease (3).

Reduce the damage caused by free radicals with cauliflower

One serving of cauliflower delivers a powerful and nutritious punch, providing you with a good supply of antioxidants such as vitamin C, quercetin, rutin, and beta-carotene (1). Eating a sufficient supply of foods rich in these antioxidants can help to protect you from the damage caused by free radicals due to pollution and chronic stress (1). Without adequate protection from free radicals, you run the risk of premature aging and even tissue damage (1), but by adding cauliflower to your diet, you can be protected.

Move over steamed cauliflower, there’s new and delicious ways to serve this vegetable

Steamed cauliflower and the familiar orange cheese topped versions are not the only ways to enjoy this versatile vegetable. Due to the mild flavor, cauliflower can be served in ways that you wouldn’t even suspect. One way to serve cauliflower is by steaming it until very tender, then mashing it as you would with potatoes (4). The result is a mashed potato imposter that is low in calories and carbohydrates, but high in nutrition and taste.