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Many consider it the monotonous scenery that dominates the South African interior. Even Frederick Courtney Selous dismissed the Karoo in his writings…”The journey between the coast and the Diamond Fields is so uninteresting that I will not weary my readers with any account of it…” Others, however, find it among the most evocative and beautiful of South Africa’s myriad landscapes.

To truly understand the Karoo you have to walk in it. The crackle of dry brush, mostly Pentzia, underfoot as one strolls the edge of a shale scattered slope. It’s the explosion of sound as a huge Karoo Korhaan croaks defiantly and heaves its feathered bulk into the air on beating wings or the pack of bat eared foxes nimbly trotting across the plains in search of some arthropod titbit.

It is also in that moment when it seems the world has been struck dumb and the sun’s fiery orb sinks below the far edge of everything…or when a herd of Springbok drifts across the far rise like smoke on the wind. It is then that the Karoo is understood.

Like a language that suddenly rings true to the listener. You leave it and almost immediately yearn for it anew.

Africa is many things. Awe inspiring wildlife, vast savannahs, snow-capped mountains straddling the equator and long tropical coastlines practically unfettered by the hand of man. Africa is also that semi desert Karoo vastness…that spacious magnificence settling in the quiet, muted light of dusk where in the distance a light glows in an old whitewashed farmhouse window. A light that beckons the traveller home.


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